Top 10 best Goalkeepers in World football

1. Manuel Neuer ( Germany and Bayern Munich)

2. Iker Casillas ( Spain and Real Madrid)

3. Gianluigi Buffon ( Italy and Juventus)

4. Victor Valdes ( Spain and Barcelona)

5. Petr Cech ( Czech Republic and Chelsea)

6. Joe Hart ( England and Manchester City)

7. Thibaut Courtois ( Belgium and Atletico Madrid)

8. Julio Cesar ( Brazil and Queens Park Rangers)

9. Hugo Lloris ( France and Tottenham Hotspur)

10. Samir Handanovic ( Slovenia and Inter Milan)

7 amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Cristiano Ronaldo does not drink, smoke and haven’t got any tattoos

2. He was named after American President RONALD REAGAN

3. He was amazing player at the age of 11

4. He is Stable and he is fast

5. Cristiano Ronaldo Can jump higher than the average NBA basketball player

6. His body fat is about 10%

7. He earns more than President Barack Obama

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